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I am a 1989 graduate of the Florida School of Massage in Gainsville, Florida.

Upon graduating, I became a Florida State Board Licensed Massage Therapist and a Florida State Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. In the state of Florida, you are required to be a State Board Licensed Massage Therapist, or a State Board Licensed Medical Doctor to practice colon hydrotherapy. We encourage you to verify your therapist's licensure credentials when you are seeking colon hydrotherapy services.

In addition to continuing education every year Jennifer is a always researching new ways to assist her clients in achieving their wellness goals and desires.

About Me

     For as long as I can remember I have had a Heart for Humanity. To find and feel happy, healthy and balanced in an ever-changing world can be challenging. Through my own personal journey, I have found many tools to assist in cultivating wellness in body, mind and spirit and have been inspired to share those tools with my clients. I personally, have delt with challenging health issues, of which the modern medical paradigm was unable to help me beyond pharmaceutical medications that treated the symptoms, and not the root causes. Therefore, I set out on my own path to find options that would. This led me to the natural, holistic approach which completely changed my life.

     People often ask, "how did you become a colon hydrotherapist?" I can definity say that "it was a God thing!" It was not my intention to practice colon hydrotherapy, however, I always knew that I wanted a profession that helped others in a more personalized, and meaningful way. Through an unlikely course of events and opportunities, I found myself in massage school signing up for their colon hydrotherapy training without a second thought.

     It wasn't until much later in my professional journey that I came to realize why I was perfectly suited to become a colon hydrotherapist. In a world that can be so harsh, critical, overwhelming and insensitive, I realized that my ability for compassion, communication, patience and understanding, enabled me to show up for my clients in a way that creates a safe, kind and comfortable atmosphere. They then can have an incredible experience with colon hydrotherapy; it truly is an amazing complementary care therapy for so many chronic health conditions beyond the colon itself!

     It is very important that a client's first-time experience with colon hydrotherapy is as positive, safe, relaxing, and as uplifting as possible. I allow the time and space for my clients to truly express and explain what they are experiencing and what their goals are. By using a variety of healing modalities and tricks of the trade, I assist my clients in getting the best results. I have been told that I am one who is compassionate, listens and communicates well.



Thirty-four years later, I can now say that helping others with this remarkable therapy has, in turn, enriched my own life beyond measure.

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